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Usui Holy Fire III – Reiki 1 & 2 Training


Reiki 1 and 2 are intended to be taken together during a two-day weekend intensive. It is being taught using the Usui/ Holy Fire III system of Reiki. You will learn how to use the Japanese techniques such as Byosen Scanning, Gassho, Reiji-ho, Kenyoku, Gyoshi-ho and Enkaku Chiryo. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to give a Reiki session for yourself and others. Training comes with a Reiki Manual by William Rand and a certificate.


Class is a combination of lecture, discussion, experience and lots of practice. Practice will include: giving and receiving a complete Reiki treatment using all the hand positions, self-treatment, using all Japanese techniques mentioned below during a Reiki treatment, beaming, using all Reiki level 2 symbols and sending Reiki from a distance.


What you will learn:


Day 1 – Reiki 1


  • What is Reiki

  • History of Reiki

  • Evolution of Reiki and how it developed from Usui, Hayashi and Takata

  • History of Holy Fire

  • Reiki Ideals

  • Japanese techniques as taught by Usui Sensei: Gassho, Reiji-ho (developing one’s intuition), Byosen Scanning (finding where Reiki is needed the most), and Kenyoku (clearing one’s energy)

  • Reiki 1 Attunement

  • Practice giving Reiki

  • Hand positions for treating others and self

  • Beaming and Healing the Aura

  • Hayashi Healing Guide and how to use it

  • Self-treatment Usui got Byosen Scanning and hand positions


Day 2 – Reiki 2

  • Holy Love Experience

  • Reiki 2 symbols and how to use, draw and activate them

  • Reiki 2 Attunement

  • Practice giving Reiki with Symbols

  • Healing bad habits and addictions

  • Explanation of how to use symbols in a session

  • Japanese techniques as taught by Usui Sensei: Gyoshi-ho (sending Reiki with the eyes) and Enkaku Chiryo (sending reiki from a distance)

  • Practice Gyoshi-ho and Enkaku Chiryo

COST: $699

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