Spiritual Channeling

Michael Vlahoulis is a spiritual channel, Reiki master teacher and medium who was gifted with the remarkable ability to connect with spirit effortlessly since childhood. Raised in a Greek Orthodox household with a strict religious belief system, Michael’s spiritual gifts were frowned upon and discouraged. It was not until he left home and set out into the world was he able to shed the religious programming of his youth, develop his own belief system and fully embrace his gifts. 

Through prayer and meditation, Michael’s connection to God and the spiritual realm only deepened. 

Michael’s wife Kate experienced her own religious trauma in childhood through her family’s strict Catholic belief system.  Feelings of abandonment, shame, judgment, and guilt clouded her teenage and early adult years, causing a series of challenging life experiences that would eventually lead to her questioning the very existence of God. 

But through God’s divine love, Michael and Kate found one another and together they embarked on a journey that would change their lives forever. 

Michael’s spiritual gifts continued to unfold, and the Archangels soon began coming through in channeling sessions, bringing truth and divine wisdom from the other side. Hundreds of recordings were made to document the wisdom and enlightening messages the Angels would bring, and Michael and Kate were further guided to one day share these remarkable channeling experiences with the world. 

What is spiritual channeling? 

We live in a multidimensional universe. Through channeling, Michael is able to connect to higher forms of consciousness such as the Archangels and other high vibrational non-physical beings.  Channeling has been in existence for a millennium and is a very special form of communication between humans and beings who reside in the non-physical realm.  

During a channeling session, Michael enters into a relaxed, meditative state while his personality "steps aside," allowing the higher consciousness to step forward and use his body and vocal chords to communicate in a direct, conversational manner.  It is a remarkable and very beautiful spiritual experience. The loving energy that the Archangels bring forth is incredible, palpable and often life-changing. Through Michael’s channeling, you are able to experience the Archangels in the physical world, who demonstrate the very expression of God’s unconditional love for us.  
Channeling is different than mediumship in that Michael does not bring through loved ones who have passed. These channeling experiences are provided to enable humanity to heal and grow through learning, receiving divine wisdom and support, and guidance from higher forms of consciousness.    

It is the Archangels’ mission to assist humanity in learning, growth, healing and the discovery of universal truth. 

As humans, it is our mission to learn, grow, heal our attachments, and work through any issues that prevent the evolution of our soul.  Attachments are any beliefs that make us feel “stuck” in a negative emotional place. For example: holding onto a grudge, being unable to forgive someone, feeling unworthy, or casting judgment upon others. Learning how to heal these attachments is the key to our growth and evolution as human beings. 

Like prayer, channeling is a direct dialog with God and the Angels. Join us for an enlightening afternoon and connect with the Archangels in a way that will touch your heart and soul and leave you feeling more connected than ever to the other side.  You will have an opportunity to ask direct questions and receive guidance to assist you on your life’s journey.


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