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Lumen Christi™ is an extraordinary new healing modality created by Michael Vlahoulis.  The literal translation means the Light of Christ.  Integrating higher levels of consciousness and truth with a loving and pure healing energy, Lumen Christ™ will illuminate your path and nourish your soul as you uncover the nature of your own inherent divinity. 


Sometimes, feelings of unworthiness can cloud our perception.  Dogmas and old belief systems passed down from elders can also be a source of confusion when pondering the phrase Christ Consciousness.  Feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt, and suffering have the potential to make us spiral and for some, even cause them to question whether God is real.  All of these feelings are valid.  This is the human experience. 


Lumen Christi Healing™ was developed to bring much-needed light back into the world.  It is a loving energy that has the power to transform you as a healer and help you realize the limitless possibilities of your own growth and development.   


To be Christ-like is to be kind, loving, gentle, and giving.  Jesus’s legacy demonstrates that through service to others we build connection and trust.  Connection and trust are the building blocks of any successful culture.  It is time to help humanity shift.  World events continue to challenge and push us.  We are bombarded by dramatic stories portrayed daily by the media.  If we are not mindful, it is easy to get carried away by anxiety and fear, which in turn creates more division amongst us.


We are being called to create a new understanding.  One of love and healing for ourselves, each other, and the world.  Whether you are a currently practicing energy healer or someone who is just starting out, Lumen Christi Healing™ is here to illuminate your path.


Spiritual gifts such as channeling and mediumship have been around since the beginning of time.  Michael discovered his own spiritual gifts as a child and has developed a very special personal relationship with Jesus and the Angels over his lifetime.  As a gifted channel and medium, he has touched the lives of hundreds of people by providing private individual messages and healing sessions, as well as group workshops like this one. 


Join us for a three-day intensive class where you will learn the Lumen Christi Healing™ method.  A significant portion of class will be channeled directly from Jesus and the Angels in a lecture style of learning.  You will receive sacred symbols to enhance the healing frequencies of the physical world and learn proper hand placements and techniques.  Some may receive channeled personal messages relating to their life’s journey.  You will undoubtedly gain new perspectives and insights.  Demonstration and guided practice time will be provided to facilitate your understanding of the healing energies.  Participants will receive a certificate of completion.


  • Requirements: Notebook, and a yoga mat

  • Duration: 5 days, 9 AM-4 PM. This time includes several breaks throughout the day.

COST: $2,999

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