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About Creating Wellness Center

Our center was created to offer many different modalities that range from Reiki to Massage Therapy to help alleviate everyday stress and tension. We always take a holistic approach when it comes to your health and well-being. Our mission is to help humanity shift and grow by offering Reiki and spiritual workshops. Anyone can learn Reiki and you don't have to even know how to meditate.

Reiki workshops are designed to help you learn how to bring healing to yourself and others. Being connected to Reiki is like feeling pure unconditional love that continues to grow brighter and brighter within. As we evolve and change we come to see the world with new lenses. Holy Fire Reiki helps us see that we truly are interconnected and a part of the oneness.. Holy Fire is an energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance that comes directly from God. As this energy continues to develop within us, we begin to learn to heal ourselves, and begin to engage into pure self love. Knowing and understanding this self love, you can now come to love everyone unconditionally as you have come to love yourself.


Aside from learning Reiki, we also offer other spiritual workshops. Our other workshops consist of guided meditations that allow you to have your own journey experiences and Channeling that brings love and peace to all. These events help bring truth and healing on a deeper level and we highly recommend it. It is an experience in its self.

Providing you Healing through Reiki and Massage

Michael Vlahoulis, LMT, Reiki Master Teacher

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