Michael Vlahoulis is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Healer and Teacher who continues to make changes by offering many different spiritual events to help humanity continue to evolve and change into a positive light. Workshops offered include: All levels of Usui/Holy Fire 3 Reiki, Holy Fire 3 Karuna® Reiki, Spiritual Channeling events, and Guided Meditation experiences with Holy Fire.

Since a child, he began autonomic writing with Jesus. His vivid visions of helping humanity at an early teen began with prayer and hands on healing. The dedication and continuous guided direction has lead him to be the teacher he is today.

Michael is a certified Reiki practitioner and Master Teacher of Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki and Holy Fire 3 Karuna Reiki ®. He is dedicated to teaching all levels of Usui Holy Fire 3 Reiki and Karuna Reiki ® classes in Wisconsin.

Michael is currently a Professional member of the Reiki Association and a Professional member of ABMP.


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